Wedding Hair: Anne

The thing I love most about weddings is how personal the experience is. Every bride and groom will add their own personal touch to their wedding and can be seen in the big and small details of their big day. Anne’s personal touch to her wedding was the most unique I’ve seen! She’s petite, soft spoken and rocked her J’s with her wedding dress! Anne wanted a curled upstyle as she wore a netted head piece over her face. Her hair complimented her look as she had a short wedding dress and Air Jordans. She was just the cutest!

The bridesmaids for this wedding wore Chuck Taylors with their dresses and the bride chose curled waterfall braids for them. This hairstyle was perfect for the modern and not-so-traditional wedding!

Oh and we also got to style the cute flowergirls’ hair with pretty curls! I love seeing the difference in flowergirls’ behaviour pre and post hair and makeup. They just turn into angels once they get their hair and makeup did!

Hair by Alyssa and Francesca of honeycombed