Mother’s Day

As you all know, this Sunday is Mother’s Day! (If you didn’t, then you’re welcome for the reminder) So this week’s post is all about mothers! As cliché as it sounds, I wouldn’t be the person I am today without my mum. My mum (and dad) have always encouraged me to do what makes me happy and have supported me with everything I choose in my life. My mum always puts my sister and I first in everything she does and we are incredibly lucky to have such an amazing relationship with our mum. So happy Mother’s Day, mum!

Onto the hair stuff! At my church, we celebrated Mother’s Day a week early. An amazing team at church organised a pamper day for mothers. A day where they could get their hair, makeup and nails done! In this event, I teamed up with my beautiful aunty Stephanie who did an amazing job with GHD curls! I taught Stephanie 2 weeks before the event and she nailed the curls! Curling with a straightener isn’t the easiest way to curl hair, but Stephanie picked it up so quickly. We styled about 22 mothers’ hair in 2.5 hours! We were so busy and had little to no breaks in between, but all the effort was worth it after seeing huge smiles on every person’s face when we showed them their hair.

In my post I have included some photos of the beautiful mums after their hair and makeup were done by the teams. Thanks to the ladies who trusted us to do their hair in 10 minutes and especially to those who let me post their photo here!

It was such an honour being part of this successful event and hearing the mum’s rave about their hair even a few days later was so lovely! A huge thank you goes to the organisers of the event. The event would not have been successful without the great team behind the scenes who spent countless hours making sure everything was perfect. Thank you for providing honeycombed the opportunity to help mum’s feel extra beautiful for the day.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mum’s out there! I hope you’re spoiled by your families because you truly deserve it :)

Hair by honeycombed

Makeup by Cindy Barraga and Francesca Barraga

Photo credits to Darris Go for the last 2 photos in this post.