Jessica’s Wedding: Braidsmaids

Long time no post! Sorry for the lack of posts lately, life has been slightly crazy and everything seems to happen at the same time. I’ve had reporting deadlines at work, lots of hair appointments on the weekends and I got engaged! I am over the moon with my recent engagement to say the least. I could not be happier knowing it will soon be my big day and I get to marry the love of my life! Working in the wedding industry has definitely made me more excited to have my own wedding, every job I’m on is like getting real life wedding inspiration. My very own real-life instagram feed! More importantly, I have been part of the atmosphere during the day of a bride’s wedding and the feelings that are buzzing round on that day are indescribable for everyone involved. I can’t wait to experience that myself with all my friends and family!

This week’s post features hair Francesca and I did for Jess’ wedding. Jess was a bridesmaid for another wedding I did hair for! I absolutely loved the hair concept for this wedding. It wasn’t too formal, just loose curls and a braid in each bridesmaid’s hair. The bride left it up to her bridesmaids to choose what kind of braid they wanted, which I think turned out really well. The braids featured for these beautiful bridesmaids include (from L to R): waterfall braid, soft french braids and the fishtail braid.

Hope all my Sydney followers are staying warm and safe during the terrible weather! x

Hair by Alyssa and Francesca of honeycombed