Year 10 Formals

This week is the second part of our 2014 Formal Series and features our Year 10 graduates from two different schools.

First in our photos we have Marie Grace who wanted her up and on the side. She opted for a curled upstyle and wanted curled pieces left at the front to frame the face. Her make up was light and had that beautiful glow.

Next is Chelsea who also went to the same school as Marie Grace, who wanted a waterfall braid and curls. The hairstyle was very pretty on Chelsea’s hair because of her hair colour.

The last beauty featured in this post is Gracielle who chose a very similar hairstyle to Marie Grace, a curled upstyle that was put on the side. They are best friends after all! We have known Marie Grace and Gracielle since they were born so it was so nice to get to do their hair for their formals!

Hair for Marie Grace and Gracielle is by Francesca of honeycombed

Hair for Chelsea is by Alyssa of honeycombed

Makeup for Marie Grace and Gracielle is by Cindy of Makeup By Cindy Barraga