Wedding Hair: Theresa

The other day I was thinking “what is honeycombed’s signature hairstyle?” and couldn’t really think of what hairstyle it was. After seeing photos from Theresa’s wedding (this week’s featured bride), I realised I’ve done a LOT of soft, curled and slightly messy upstyles. So, by default (and because it gets requested by my clients so much), I think the soft, curled upstyle is my signature hair. A very pretty signature hairstyle at that! I do love a soft upstyle and to be frank, I think it’s a very practical hairstyle for weddings. Bridesmaids are often in their hair and makeup in the wee hours of the morning and are expected to look pretty until the end of the night. I think this is one factor that a bride needs to consider when choosing hairstyles for herself and her entourage. You need to ask yourself the question: Will this hairstyle withstand wind, tears, sweat, dancing and countless selfies? You need something that looks pretty and practical at the same time.

And that is exactly what Theresa considered for her wedding that was right in the middle of our Australian Summer. For the bride, she opted for a beautiful half up hairstyle to get the hair away from the face. We left loose curls around the front in order to frame Theresa’s face. For her bridesmaids, Theresa wanted a soft, curled upstyle for all her girls. This is a great hairstyle for bridesmaids because it works for different hair types and lengths. Even short hair can be disguised to look like long hair with this kind of hairstyle! The last photo is of the bride’s mum who was just adorable! She is one of the sweetest ladies I’ve met and so easy to work with. Her hair was quite short so we curled her hair with a straightener to create waves in her hair. Using a straightener is better for short hair like Theresa’s mum as you you are able to get much closer to the scalp without burning your client.

Hair by Alyssa of honeycombed

Makeup by Margaret Albia