Wedding Hair: Mary

If you follow us on instagram (@honeycombed_ for those of you who don’t), you probably got the hint that we love soft and textured waves. There is just something so nice about styling someone’s hair with soft waves. I think it’s because it looks so natural and flows so nicely! As you could imagine, I was delighted when my bride Mary asked for soft and textured waves for her wedding by the water. This was the perfect hairstyle for her amazing dress and location! She also complimented her natural and glowy makeup to her entire wedding look (which was done by the wonderful Margaret Albia of course).

Her bridesmaids all had different hair types and lengths. Some long, short, curly and straight. If you want to go for the same look for all bridesmaids, then I suggest going for a simple and curled upstyle. It’s much easier to style hair for different lengths and achieve a very similar outcome.

Hair by Alyssa and Francesca of honeycombed

Makeup by Margaret Albia