Wedding Hair: Liberty – Wollongong, Australia

Featured wedding hairstyles: Big, soft curls; messy waves; curls for short hair and textured bun upstyle. 

Liberty’s wedding is the first wedding myself, Francesca and our cousin Cindy worked together for a wedding. It was so much fun because we did a mini road trip to Wollongong in the morning and worked together to do hair and makeup for the bride, her bridesmaids and a few of her sisters.

Everyone had different hairstyles and makeup, which was necessary because hair types and lengths were all super different.

Bride Liberty was styled with big and soft curls, while her makeup was bold with bright red lipstick. Her bridesmaids had very different hair, one with short hair which we styled in smaller curls to make it look like an upstyle and the other into a textured, low bun. We also styled one of Liberty’s sister’s hair with soft and messy waves which turned out fabulous with the curler she had in her hair.

It’s always fun being with my sister and cousin, so when we get to work together, it’s an awesome bonus!

Hair: Alyssa of honeycombed

Makeup: Cindy Barraga assisted by Francesca Barraga of honeycombed