Wedding Hair: Erica

One of the reasons I enjoy doing hair so much is the new people I get to meet at every job. I’ve met some incredibly inspiring women through honeycombed, one of them being Erica – the bride featured in this week’s post! Erica was the one who told me about the phrase ‘moonlighting’ and truly inspired me with her work ethic. She works during the day and writes at night as a freelance writer and a contributor to Leaders in Heels. People like Erica inspire me everyday to keep doing what I do. The early starts on weekends and late nights during the week to blog/reply to queries have not been easy, but seeing how happy my clients are make every sacrifice worth it.

Erica wanted a very relaxed sort of hairstyle to go with her beach wedding! She wore a beautiful lace dress which complimented her soft waves. The bridesmaids all had different hair lengths. Because the bride’s hair was very simple, the bridesmaids also needed a very soft and simple hairstyle. We styled their hair with soft waves that were pinned on one side. The mother of the bride also wanted curls in her hair. Her small curls looked fabulous with her gorgeous navy blue lace dress.

Hair by Alyssa and Francesca Barraga of honeycombed

Makeup by Jazmine Victoria