Wedding Guest Hair: Bettina Banks

So excited to finally post this! I love social media. Probably a little too much as I’m constantly on all my social media accounts and my fiancé always gets mad at me. Social media has opened up another world, it’s another platform for marketing and networking. I actually met Bettina over Instagram! It was such an honour to meet this amazing woman and get to do her hair for a wedding she was attending. She has achieved so much and is such a babe!

Bettina was kind enough to trust my creative instincts and let me do whatever I wanted with her hair. She showed me her gorgeous Gemeli Power gown and I got started! I styled Bettina’s hair with a modern french twist by adding texture and messing her hair. The hairstyle was perfect for her outfit and honestly, this woman can’t ever look bad.

Hair by Alyssa of honeycombed