The Teves Girls

I’m back! After my 2 month posting hiatus, I’ve finally had the time to write up a post for honeycombed. Well, not so much ‘had the time’ – but more like I made time to write up this post. I’ve worked on quite a number of jobs since the last post and I’ve been itching to share it with you all! My busy wedding period was perfectly timed with audit busy season, so as you can imagine – I have been working my butt off the last couple of months. I wish I meant I was literally working my butt off, because I’ve definitely gained weight during the last audit busy season – but unfortunately my hectic schedule of work and hair appointments has left me very little time to exercise. But, enough about my day job and onto more exciting things!

I was honoured to do the hair of the beautiful Teves girls for Jodie’s wedding. These 4 sisters were the funniest bridal entourage ever! Their combined laughter filled the house and made me wish I had more sisters! All the girls wanted different hairstyles, which is something that I find to be more common in weddings these days. Instead of the bride choosing the same hairstyle for all her bridesmaids, often they will leave it to their bridesmaids to decide how they want their hair. I think it’s a great idea and I really enjoyed doing such different hairstyles on all the girls.

For the bride, she opted for a soft, curled updo that was slightly messy at the back. She had just the right amount of hair framing her gorgeous face. As I mentioned earlier, the bridesmaids chose their own hairstyles and were all dressed in beautiful floor length Zimmerman dresses.

The maid of honour’s hair (2nd girl in the gallery), was styled similar to the brides in that it was curled and softly brought back. Her upstyle was pulled neatly to the side and wisps of hair were taken out of the bun to frame the face. A big thank you to the maid of honour for referring me to the bride and organising all of the hair appointments!

The next two bridesmaids both chose to wear their hair with a braid, but with a slight variation to suit the length of their hair. The 3rd girl featured in the gallery below went with a dutch braid going across the front of the crown and curls brought over to one side.

The final Teves sister featured below is their youngest sibling who had the shortest hair among the four girls. She opted to go for two braids going across the back of the head and having the remainder of the hair curled. I loved this hairstyle on her and thought it suited well with her hair length and also her personality!

Hair by honeycombed

Makeup: Margaret Albia