The Braid-y Bunch

After a two week hiatus, I’m back with 4 hairstyles that encompass one common feature – braids! Braids can be worn in a multitude of ways and can be dressed up or down to suit the occasion. They’re great for adding a unique touch to an ordinary upstyle. I’ve loved braids ever since I was a little girl and it was one of the first hairstyles I learned as a child. I remember getting my aunt to braid the top of my hair into a headband and thinking it was the coolest thing ever (it was, trust me).

This week’s post features 3 of my youngest cousins and my sister with hairstyles using 4 different types of braids. From left to right, Nikaela has a Dutch braid that starts at the top of the hairline and works its way down like a snake. This hairstyle is great for young girls who need their hair out of their face, as it holds the hair back neatly and is a polished look.

The second hairstyle features Francesca, who I styled with a messy upstyle with a braid/plait to create a romantic and slightly more casual look. This would make the perfect hairstyle for bridesmaids, but can also be worn in a more casual setting.

Next is Leilani, who I styled with a fishtail braid with a twist (literally). I did a messy fishtail braid in her hair, twisted the end and pinned it up. The fishtail braid is my favourite because it’s relatively easy to do and looks great when it’s messy. If you have long hair, this hairstyle is great because it’s easy to do on yourself and can be done in less than 10 minutes!

Last but not least, I styled Shaina’s hair with an upside French braid with a bun. This hairstyle exploded over Instagram and Tumblr a year or two ago and although it’s a little overused on social media, it is a an easy way to modify your ordinary bun. Shaina has beautiful ombre hair, so I thought I’d showcase this by doing this hairstyle on her.