Sweet 16 Hair: Jas, Sylvana and Betty

Super short and sweet post this week, but I just wanted to share photos of these gorgeous girls. This was from Jas’ 16th birthday (the first girl featured in the gallery below). We’ve known these girls for a few years now and we honestly didn’t know Jas was turning 16! The two sisters are so adorable and remind us a bit of ourselves! The older one is indecisive and always needs a second opinion for reassurance, while the younger sister knows exactly what she wants and doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. We saw this we these two cute sisters as they chose their hairstyles for the night.

Jas had quite thick hair with a bit of frizz, so we pulled her hair up into a curled ponytail. Her hair suited her dress so well, seeing as it was a high neckline, she needed to just get her hair away from the shoulders. Next is Sylvana, who showed us a photo of the hair she wanted as we got there and was just so cute! We put a small braid on the side of her hair and curled the remainder to the side. Lastly, (but of course not least) we also styled their mother’s hair (Betty) with a smooth top and messy curled upstyle in the back.

We look forward to many more appointments with these 3 lovely ladies!

Hair by Alyssa and Francesca of honeycombed