Buried in my iPhone photos of the back and side view of my customers’ hair, I found photos of my cousin Leilani at one of the concerts she performed in. Leilani performed an amazing cover of Alicia Keys’ ‘No One’ that night and I was lucky enough to watch it! I didn’t get to watch her previous concert, so watching her perform live that night was a wonderful experience. I watched my 12 year old cousin perform on stage and was blown away by her voice and confidence! I am incredibly proud of my cousin (if you can’t tell already) and I know she has the brightest future ahead of her. Sorry for the terrible photo of Leilani on stage – my screaming obviously affected my ability to take a steady shot of her performing.

The photos below are of the hairstyle that Leilani opted for in her performance (but really her stage mother chose it). Coincidentally, all the other opening act performers had some form of a braid in their hair that night – so it worked out perfectly! Leilani’s hair is simply curls with 2 thin Dutch braids on the side and a deep side part. Her hair looked great with her purple tips! I think the purple stood out and looked perfect on stage, giving her that added superstar look! Her makeup was also done by my wonderful cousin Cindy Barraga who has finally started up her own business! Please check out ‘Makeup by Cindy Barraga’ on Facebook and book in your appointment now!

Model: Leilani Renee

Hair by honeycombed

Makeup: Cindy Barraga