Silver Wedding Anniversary Hair: Pais Girls

The best thing about working 2 jobs is that I get to meet double the people! I guess you could say my networking game is strong? But seriously, I absolutely adore the people I work with and I have so much respect for them. Each and every one of them are such smart individuals and I consider myself very lucky to work alongside an amazing bunch of professionals. The majority of people I work with are quite young, so I have become close to some of the people at work. When my honeycombed life and normal work life cross, I just get so excited because it means I get a chance to get to know my work friends a little bit better.

This week’s post features my beautiful friend Leah and her lovely mother and sister. Getting them ready for Mr and Mrs Pais’ Silver Wedding Anniversary was so ┬áhectic because they had their family over at their place from interstate, but that only made the experience even more enjoyable because I was able to meet Leah’s whole family! Everyone in their family was so kind and entertaining, but really I wasn’t surprised at all since Leah must have got it from somewhere!

The first photo below is of Carolyn who wanted a bit of volume in her hair. Carolyn’s hair was quite short, so all we did was straighten out the body of the hair and gave it a bit of volume at the top. The next photos features Rachel, who I styled with soft waves in the ends of her hair and a french braid on the side. Lastly, Leah’s hair was put into a messy, texturised bun. She rarely wears her hair up, but I thought this style really suited her. All 3 girls were dressed in saris and they were the most beautiful saris I’d ever seen! I was even lucky enough to get to watch how to properly put one on! It’s so much harder than I thought!

It was so much fun helping these girls get ready! I’ll see them all at the Golden Anniversary celebrations ;)

Hair by Alyssa of honeycombed

Makeup by Leah Pais