Samantha Macabulos x honeycombed

I was lucky enough to watch the sunrise and talk the morning away with one of my biggest inspirations in the wedding industry – Samantha Macabulos (aka Sammy Mac). Sam is an incredible photographer and businesswoman who is extremely down to earth. We spoke about the struggles we faced, as well as how we were going to overcome these struggles.


Sam’s eye for detail and genuine care for her clients is admirable and makes her stand out. She opened my eyes and gave me advice on branding, customer service and on putting a positive twist to handling difficult situations.


Sam shot some photos of me while we watched the sunrise on the top of a hill and also me in my hairstyling element.


So grateful to have spent the morning with such a beautiful person – both inside and out! I loved hearing the passion she had for her work and the drive she had to grow her business. Looking forward to more chats and tutorial filming! x


Photography: Samantha Macabulos

H&MU: Alyssa and Francesca Barraga of honeycombed