Party Ready: Rowena, Liz and Rosette

I don’t know about you, but as much as we love going to parties, our favourite part is getting ready for one! It’s something only girls will understand – so much time goes into getting ready. From outfit/hair/makeup planning throughout the week, to actually having to do your hair and makeup! In our house, it’s just us 2 sisters, our mum and our dad – so as you could imagine, our poor dad is constantly waiting for his 3 girls to get ready.

When we have a formal party to attend, the two of us will plan our outfits and consult each other on how to wear our hair and makeup. Lucky for us, one is good at makeup and the other at hair – so we schedule our time to get ready. While one does their own hair, the other does their own makeup. Then we swap and do each other’s hair/makeup!

But we know that not everyone has a sister that can do their hair or makeup, which is why we are here to help you! This post is on three lovely friends who asked honeycombed to help them get ready for a party because what’s funner than getting ready with your girls?

Alyssa did their hair, while Francesca did makeup. Rowena opted for some loose waves and side part, with brown eyes and a bold red lip! Liz just got her hair done and wanted a simple, curled updo. Finally, Rosette just wanted some curls and a very natural look for her makeup, using a soft pink lippy and brown eyeshadow. All the ladies were so much fun to help get ready! It was an afternoon full of laughter and ice cream!

Thanks so much to these ladies for choosing honeycombed to get you ready for your party and also a huge thank you for your constant support for our business! They have shared and liked everything honeycombed since Day 1 and we appreciate all their love so much! Til next event, ladies!

Hair by Alyssa of honeycombed

Makeup by Francesca of honeycombed