Party hair: Jamie, April and Jennifer

I’m extremely behind on my blog posts and it’s so obvious when I think about the occasion I help girls get ready for and what month it is now! I’m slowly closing the gap between the time of the event and my blog post! One day I hope to blog about it the very next day! Until then, my 3 month backlog will remain.

This week’s post features 3 gorgeous ladies who attended their end of year party for work. This year they had a James Bond theme, so they needed long dresses and elegant hair and makeup. The first two photos features Jamie and her textured, messy bun. Jamie has short hair that touches her shoulders, so we needed to put a donut in her bun in order to fill it up. Instead of feeding the hair through the middle, I used the hair donut as a filler and wrapped hair around the bun.

The next two photos are of the beautiful Jennifer who opted for a curled upstyle, pinned to the side. This hairstyle went perfectly with her backless dress! She wore her long black dress so well and her hair and makeup went perfectly with the theme of the party. The last few photos features both Jennifer and April. April wanted her hair down and I thought it looked amazing with her long, blue gown. April accessorised her dress perfectly and her entire outfit was put together so well.

Hair by Alyssa of honeycombed

Makeup by Cindy Barraga of MBCB