My Best Friend’s Wedding

On November 8 2013, my best fried Laura married the love of her life. After months of preparation, all her (and her fiance’s) hard work had paid off. Despite the extremely hot weather that day, the wedding was beautiful and the bride looked absolutely stunning. To this day, I still can’t believe my best friend since birth is now a wife. Although it was quite a big wedding, it still seemed intimate and personal. For the ceremony, Laura was dressed in the cutest, ball gown style dress and later changed into a gorgeous Carla Zampatti gown for the reception. I was fortunate enough to be one of her bridesmaids on her big day, so I witnessed all the work that went into planning the wedding. The planning and preparation seemed so chaotic, but when it finally came to the big day, everything fell into place and was absolutely perfect.

The wedding also gave me an excuse to finally get my make up done by Margaret Albia. She had been the make up artist at the weddings I had styled hair for and I saw how fabulous she was. Margaret is just amazing. She is the sweetest make up artist and knows exactly what she’s doing. My make up felt so light and lasted from 7am to 1am the next morning. If you’re looking to get your make up done, look up Margaret Albia on Facebook or visit her website

For the wedding, I styled Allysha and Francesca’s hair and found that the biggest challenge was styling my own hair! For myself, Allysha and Francesca, I incorporated a twist into the upstyle to create a unique hairstyle for the wedding. Our hair was parted on the side and given a little bit of volume, creating the slightly-messy-but-not-too-messy-for-a-wedding look.

Photos below show the hair I styled for a few of the bridesmaids.

Hair: Honeycombed

Make up: Margaret Albia