A year ago today, I took a risk and started my own hair styling business. Those who are close to me will know that I’m a risk averse person and am terrified of failure. I’m very organised and like to have all aspects of my life planned out. My life so far has been finish high school, graduate from uni, work for an accounting firm and become a CA. The path that I’ve taken was always part of my long and short term goals. But where does ‘start your own business and do what you love’ fit into it?

As cliché as it sounds, I’ve always loved styling hair. Throughout high school, I styled my hair into these crazy hairstyles every day. I don’t know how it started, but it just became my thing and that was when I realised I was actually kind of good at it. I wanted to do hairdressing when I was younger, but somehow I ended up becoming an accountant. Around 2 years ago, I had been asked by a friend to do hair for her friend’s wedding and although I had no experience in doing bridal hair, this wonderful bride trusted me to do her entire entourage’s hair on the most important day of her life. Being part of someone’s wedding day is the biggest honour and after that day I realised what having a passion for something actually meant. After that day, I would always speak to my boyfriend about starting my own hair blog and that I would call it ‘honeycombed’ because I thought it was cute (and also because honeycomb was already taken). Despite all our conversations, I never got around to actually starting it because I was always too busy with work and study. For my 22nd birthday, my boyfriend had asked our friend Jeeps to create a logo for honeycombed and worked on turning my ideas into reality. On my birthday, Luigerr emailed me a link to www.honeycombed.com.au! I owe it all to my boyfriend, because without his encouragement, I would never have had the confidence to take a chance and start something I might fail at.

honeycombed wasn’t part of my short or long term goal in life, an opportunity arose and I took it and turned it into something more than I could ever dream of. I’m so glad it’s part of it now though, because I can’t imagine my life without it! Even though my weekends are extremely busy these days and I don’t get anywhere enough sleep any more, all the effort is worth it because I get to meet new people and help them feel even more beautiful. With each of my clients, I try to engage with them and create a rapport that makes us seem more like friends rather than a hair stylist/client. When my clients add me on Facebook, I feel so grateful because I know they not only liked their hair but they also connected with me. Reflecting on the first year of honeycombed, I realised that the relationship I build with people I meet through honeycombed is what it’s all about. Half of it are hairstyles and the other half are the friendships I’ve built along the way.

The only word I can use to describe our first year is ‘blessed’. I never like throwing that word around, because honestly I think it’s a bit overused but it’s the only explanation I have for honeycombed’s success. I’m blessed with the loveliest clients, encouraging friends, an wonderful network and the most amazingly supportive and loving family.

Here are a few photos from our first year of honeycombed. Thank you for your continued love and support for honeycombed.

Love always, Alyssa x