Date night

Over the weekend, my boyfriend and I celebrated his 20-somethingth birthday. We only ever do fancy dinners twice a year, which is his birthday and my birthday. Unfortunately for us, they are within a week of each other so May is an expensive month for the both of us! Because these dinners only come twice a year, we agreed we’d dress nicely and look somewhat presentable. So, I decided I’d spend some time doing my hair and get my wonderful sister to do my makeup. I rarely have the time to do my own hair because it usually takes me a little longer than if I were to do someone else’s and over the years the endurance of my arms being held up for an extended period of time has depleted. Getting ready was a complete mess because I had no idea what to wear or what kind of makeup I wanted, all I knew was how I wanted to have my hair. I wanted big, retro waves with a deep side part. I’ve never worn my ¬†hair like this, but it turned out really well! The curls stayed all night because I let the curls set for an hour or so while I got my makeup done (as well as using a generous amount of product). These retro waves are perfect for date nights, as they look elegant and stay curly for the entire night! A massive thank you to my beautiful sister, Francesca, who did my makeup. She transformed my haggard face into something that embodied a bit more life!

My boyfriend Luigerr and I had dinner at Aria, which was an amazing restaurant and perfectly timed with Vivid Sydney. Aria had excellent customer service and even prepared a birthday dessert plate for Luigerr! Although, I think the highlight of the night was their seaweed butter. I don’t usually like butter, but that seaweed butter was unforgettable!

Again, happy birthday to my gorgeous boy Luigerr! He is the most hard-working man I know and has a heart like no other. I hope you achieve all your dreams and hopefully your swimming lessons come in handy! Thank you for being there to support me through everything, I could never have achieved anything without you xx

Hair by honeycombed

Makeup: Francesca Barraga

Birthday boy: Luigerr Ramos