Curls for every occasion

Firstly, I just wanted to greet my readers a belated Happy New Year! 2013 was an amazing year, with honeycombed making a great start and I’m positive 2014 holds bigger and better things for honeycombed! For my first post of 2014, I’ve dedicated the entire post to my favourite hairstyle – curls. My go-to hairstyle is always having my hair down and curled. I will never get sick of curling hair (my own and others) because curls can be styled so differently. This post gives you 3 hairstyles that’ll take you from day to night and casual to formal.

In this post, I’ve featured 3 different types of curls. The first hairstyle on Shaina are big, soft waves which has been created by brushing through the curls. These waves are so versatile as they can be slightly messed up for the day and smoothed out for a night event.

The next set of curls are on Leilani who I’ve styled with messy curls. These curls are great for an everyday hairstyle which can be done by curling random sections around the head using a curling wand.

Finally, I’ve styled Rachelle’s hair with vintage waves and parted on the side. This hairstyle is classy and elegant and would be perfect for a formal evening event.

Makeup: Cindy Barraga