Bridesmaids: A Family Affair

Happy New Year friends! Welcome back to a new year with honeycombed. It’s our first post for 2015 and we are so excited to share our past work with you all. One of our New Years resolution was to post more, so here’s hoping we actually follow through with this resolution! We have so many beautiful photos of hairstyles waiting to be shared. One of these being 4 upstyles of 4 sisters (3 sisters and one sister-in-law) who were all bridesmaids for their father’s wedding.

One of the trends we noticed throughout 2014 was that more and more brides were opting for different hairstyles for their bridesmaids. In saying that, many will still have one hairstyle for all bridesmaids, but some brides don’t mind what hairstyle bridesmaids choose for themselves. The bride can leave it up to their bridesmaids to choose how they want their hair styled. This can be advantageous for the bridal party since the bride doesn’t have to worry about the style working on different hair lengths and types, or even if the bride does choose the hairstyles – they can choose a few of their favourites!

This week’s post features 4 different hairstyles that were chosen personally by each member of the bridal party. They are all different and work well with the face shape of each girl. Two of the styles are side upstyles, one having a bit more texture than the other. The other two styles were up in the middle – one with braids and the other a soft, textured bun.

It’s always fun having different hairstyles for each bridesmaid because it’s a chance for us to be a little more creative!

So the question brides often ask when planning their wedding is: should my bridesmaids all have the same hairstyle? The decision of whether to have the same or different hairstyles for all your bridesmaids will depend on the look you’d like to achieve for your bridal party. Having one hairstyle gives the bridal party a stronger sense of unity, whereas having different hairstyles gives a bit more flair and adds a bit of fun to the entourage’s look.