Bridesmaid Hairstyles: Kristine’s Wedding

How do you choose your bridesmaids and what do you need to consider? I can’t really speak from experience since I’m not married yet and haven’t gone through the process of choosing a number of girls to stand by my side on one of the most important days of my life but I’ve seen a number of bridal parties and have seen how much they support the bride on the day of their wedding.

Bridesmaids often come from different parts of your life, such as family and friends from different stages of your life. Whether it be your high school friend, uni friend or work friend! Brides have chosen girls who were by their side all their life and will do anything for the bride on the day of their wedding (as well as other days).

This post is the perfect example of the diversity in bridesmaids. Kristine’s bridesmaids were from all different parts of her life and each girl meant the world to her. It was great helping these ladies get ready for Kristine’s wedding because I could see how comfortable they all were with each other and how much they cared for the bride. They were a hilarious bunch of ladies and the morning of getting them ready was so fun.

Half of the bridesmaids for Kristine and Louie’s wedding had their hair down and curled, while the other 3 had their up on the side. However, they all had the same dress and headpiece. The headpiece was so gorgeous and matched perfectly with their long, red dresses.

I also got to do the flowergirls’ hair on the day and I styled this with high, ballerina buns. The flowergirls were absolutely adorable! Highlight of my morning was seeing these 5 year olds take selfies on their mum’s phones! Even they knew they looked cute!

Hair by Alyssa of honeycombed

Makeup by Margaret Albia