Bridal Upstyle: Olma Wedding

One of the things I’ve noticed in the morning of a wedding is the interaction of a mother and her daughter that is about to get married. It doesn’t matter if it’s the mother’s first child to get married, they are always nervous and still so caring. It’s usually the mum of the bride who will ask everyone else if they’ve eaten or ask the bride what else she needs. It’s such a beautiful day for everyone in the family, but there is just something different about the connection between the bride and their mother on their wedding day. A lot of people say that it’s not only your wedding day, it’s also your parents’. I guess to an extent, I do agree with this because it’s the day two families officially come together to unite as one. It’s also one of the most important days in the life of your son or daughter, so it’s a pretty big deal for parents too!

This post features our beautiful bride Olma, her mother and the groom’s mother. Olma wanted a very soft and loosely curled bridal upstyle that had a vintage sort of feel to it. Her reception venue was at The Grounds of Alexandria, so it definitely had that relaxed/modern mood to it and wasn’t like your traditional wedding. The bride’s photos are the final 2 featured in the gallery below.

The first 2 shots below features the lovely mother of the groom. She was so modern and wanted volume, with curls and movement in her hair. It’s always more of a challenge styling short hair, because a lot of photos online are of long haired girls which often people want to recreate but without the length. I styled her hair with curls and gave her hair volume, especially at the top of the crown.

Next is the mother of the bride who wanted a bit of volume at the top and then the bottom to be curled. Both the mothers had short hair, but we managed to find gorgeous hairstyles to suit their outfits and their own personal style.

Hair by Alyssa of honeycombed