Behind The Scenes

In this week’s post, I take you behind the scenes with honeycombed featuring Cindy! The other week, I had the pleasure of doing the hair 3 gorgeous ladies. I did hair, while Cindy did makeup for wedding attendees. A special thank you goes out to my amazing friend, Lara, for taking photos of us while we were in our element. Upon seeing the photos, I noticed one thing Cindy and I have in common – we have our mouths open when we are concentrating. Even after 22 years of living, I still can’t seem to close my mouth when I concentrate on doing something!

Doing hair and makeup isn’t all glitz and glamour. We work on tight schedules and often have to start early – not to mention all the countless┬áscars I have from curler burns! All that being said, I have no complaints about being able to do what I love, when really it’s quite the opposite – I am extremely happy to be given the opportunity to style the hair of many women and to have met such amazing clients. Now, my weekends don’t feel complete if I don’t get to style someone’s hair.

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