Arlly’s engagement shoot

This week’s post features my lovely client Arlly on her engagement shoot. I styled Arlly’s hair with a low upstyle with a braid at the front. Arlly wanted a more casual look for her engagement shoot and I think this hairstyle works perfectly! This hairstyle was inspired by Jessica Alba’s braided updo from the Oscars a few years back. This updo has been extremely popular on Pinterest (and all social media for that matter!) and is a style that appeals to many because it spices up the more ‘traditional’ upstyle. Braids add a slightly casual look to the hairstyle, while keeping the hair away from the face. Adding braids gives that perfect touch to any hairstyle because it makes the hairstyle more unique and adds a more detail to the hair. I had a great time working with Arlly and wish her all the best with the upcoming wedding!

Hair by honeycombed

Makeup by Crystalline Cayabyab-Dias