Ally and Franny go to Brisbane

This week’s post is slightly different to my usual wedding posts, because instead of doing the hair of the bride and her entourage, I got to attend! Over the June long weekend, my beautiful aunty Desiree got married in Brisbane. I had the pleasure of attending Mr and Mrs Telva’s wedding with my mum and sister. It was such a wonderful day as Desiree and Ralden’s closest family and friends gathered together from across the country to witness the loveliest couple get married.

Seeing as we had to travel interstate, I couldn’t take all of my hair tools or hair products! We had to plan our hairstyles ahead of time so I could make sure I brought the right products and tools. The first photo features my mum, who I styled with loose curls/waves. We didn’t go for an upstyle this time around as I usually style her hair up for weddings. I thought my mum’s hairstyle was perfect for her newly coloured hair and also for her hair length. Unfortunately I don’t have any photos of her where she isn’t frown smiling. We were rushing the whole day and I didn’t get a good photo of her. Sorry mum!

The next photo is of my sister, who wanted her hair up to show the beautiful back of her dress. I’ve done this braided upstyle on her before, but we were just at home and I was only playing with her hair. It looks so much better with a gorgeous dress! My sister’s hair colour really makes this haristyle stand out and it looked stunning with the earrings she chose. On a side note – for people travelling to/from weddings, take the pins out of your hair! We travelled straight from the reception to the airport that day and my sister was stopped at security because she was making the machines beep. So NTS: take pins out of hair before travelling on a plane!

Finally, I styled my own hair with big, soft waves and a deep side part. I was worried my hair wouldn’t hold because I didn’t have all my hair products with me, but it ended up holding even during the reception! Wedding hair win!

Short and sweet post for this week because I should probably get back to studying. And catching up on Suits..

Makeup by Francesca Barraga